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Free Ceremony show at Amoeba Music. March 6, 2012. Zoo record release.

Photos by Matt Gill.

We fucked shit up.

Found a couple pictures of me and Dee from that dude’s flickr. She’s totally into it and screaming along to all of the songs while I am burrowing into my safety hole I found in between the psychedelic rock shelves, arms upraised the whole time to protect my face.


Amoeba got dowwwwn.
Saturday is going to be WAY better though.


I was literally a foot away from this completely destroyed shelf at Amoeba today.

(via sfmusiccollective)


Tuesday 3/6 at Amoeba San Francisco: CEREMONY performs at 6pm! Free/all-ages show. Their new album “Zoo” is out Tuesday.

I don’t think I’ve listened to a single song of theirs, but I’M GOIN’ ANYWAY \m/\m/