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Our dads being Facebook friends is either the worst or best thing ever.

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Today, we woke up at noon, cooked breakfast with his dad, watched Breaking Bad with his sister and cousin, danced around to cheesy Christmas music in the living room, opened more Hanukkah gifts, visited with his Safta, lit another candle on the menorah, ate to our belly’s content, finished off a bottle (or two) of wine, shared our secret santa gifts, played Fifa ‘12 with the cousins (I’m addicted), and now he’s playing Dead Space with his cousin while his mom and abuelita gossip in the other room. Spending the holidays with his whole family has been the best, and tomorrow we are waking up early and driving for five hours so that he can celebrate with mine. ~Havin’ ourselves a murrry lil’ krimus~

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I had such a dope weekend, you guys. Elly and I went hiking with my parents, wandered around a craft fair, saw Iron and Wine in concert, made a gosh darn delicious dinner for ourselves, had a lazy couch night, wrestled for an hour, bought SMiLE on vinyl and got Brian Wilson (whoa!!!!) to sign it, bought ¬†four other vinyls (including Miles Davis’ ‘Ballads’ and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s ‘Tide’) for under forty bucks, played video games in a little burger place, saw Martin Scorsese’s new film “Hugo” (warmed my freakin’ heart), and got some killer new clothes in the mail. Maybe this December won’t be so rough after all.¬†


We are pretty.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are thankful for avocados, 90210, and uhhhhhhhhhh each other.

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This is the story of a lumberjack and banana and how they fell deeply in love with each other.


I spent this past Sunday rolling around on the grass with the love of my life, chasing hipsters dressed as aliens, swooning over St. Vincent, singing all the lyrics to our favorite Beach House songs, dancing around to the Friendly Fires, and wrapping our arms around each other as Death Cab For Cutie played Transatlanticism for their encore.