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Haven’t seen each other in 5 days, going a little crazy.

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My reaction to whenever he tries to carry me. I just don’t like being that tall, okay??

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Hey, check it out, Elly and I just made a terrarium and now it’s hanging between my windows in my room! Cool, man, real cool.

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Tonight, Elly and I saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at the Castro Theater and then walked on over to some soul food restaurant neither of us have been to. We got oysters and a pork sandwich with pickled okra and a glass of pinot noir and a slice of key lime pie and I’m so in love.

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Wayne’s World shirts, ascots, and braids for date night tonight.

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In regards to FYFFest on Saturday:

"Oh my god! We are gonna go outside and walk at night to see Cults on Saturday! I never saw the point in trying to see them before, since they were never my most wanted band. But, rave on, you know what I mean? I hope bad things don’t happen, like, if we got abducted, I’d never heal myself. …….bumper…."


I had my 35mm film developed today, and although it is only my second roll that I have taken, I am a little disappointed how most of my pictures came out. Here are some of my favs. (check out my flickr for more)

Megan is, like, super cool.

My two favorite people in the world, taken by Megan. This might be my favorite photo of all time. 


hahahahahahaha our arms ahahahah

I think I might start shaving my arms.

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Tonight we’re taking turns playing Tony Hawk cause skateboarding RULES. Also, I’m pretty.

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